How to know when someone interested in you via online dating?

Got okcupid, I'm kind of new to that whole realm of online stuff. But I was just curious, so I had pretty decent back and forth messages with this one guy, ended up texting for a bit that night and he said he'd text me the next day but never did. And I figured if he wasn't interested why didn't he just end the conversation awhile ago, but I don't know, so I'm wondering does that just mean lost of interest, or something else or nothing.


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  • Chill out. I've got OKC also, welcome to the club. :) It's a cool website, have a few newly awesome friends from there.

    Okay, listen. We get used to this whole instant gratification thing that comes with knowing everything can be done instantly and rewarded instantly (usually) online. But that's not always the case when your dealing with real people especially in the dating world.

    It could just be that he just got occupied with things. He does have his own life you know outside of talking to you. So don't get too panicky. Let him have his space, if he is genuinely thinking about you he will come around. Give him a few days. If not , don't be afraid to shoot him a text... please, don't be too clingy and desperate about it. Just say hello, and tell him you were wondering if everything is okay because he said he would get back to you later the other day and he didn't. It's been a few days and you just wanted to touch base. That's pretty basic and not demanding/desperate. You don't want to be a desperate Betty.

    You should also realize that just because he's talking to you does not mean you are his only person of interest at the moment and that such a statement isn't wrong, it's dating. ONLINE. Lol, you can talk to anyone and however many people you feel interest you. It's about variety and selection right at your fingertips. It's not exclusive until you decide it is. So don't be hung up on that one guy until he shows you that HE should be your main focus even IF you like him a lot. You'd be surprised. I guarantee you, things will get a lot less anxiety on your end if you realize this and relax.

    So most of all you want to remember to give people space.
    Don't be afraid to talk to whoever you feel interested in.
    And remember to have fun (responsible fun: I HOPE), don't be too uptight, you want people to get a feel of who you are even if you are behind a computer screen but never change your values to please anyone.

    You will do fine. Goodluck :)

    • Haha I wasn't stressing over it nor hung up over the kid, I just wasn't sure if it was odd or not, and since I'm new to this whole thing I figured I'd get a second opinion, thanks for the response!

    • Okay cool, well maybe this post will help someone who is stressing lol. But yeah, it isn't that odd. :) Glad i could help. ^^