What does she mean by exclusive but not official?

Ok so my best friend I have always had feelings for each other since the first time we met, like 3 years ago. Anyways I told her recently that I liked her and she told me she wasn't ready to date cause she had broken up with her bf of 3 years like 4 months before that, and she wanted me to wait for her and all that good stuff. Then she ends up telling me that she wants to be a thing exclusively starting this summer but not actually date for a while.. I don't know but isn't that contradictory like i don't know what that means, so if you do please shed some light on that for me.


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  • How I understand it :
    -Exclusive : neither of you date someone else.
    -No official yet : don't tell others you two are dating.
    Perhaps she thinks it's too early for her to tell others she found someone? She could be worried they might think less of her.
    She could also want to have some sort of closure before dating you. After all she just ended a long relationship, and she probably doesn't want to jump into another one right away.

    I suggest you try to ask her a bit more about this. You are friends, it will make it easier to talk together. It seems like you both care about each other, so there's not reason for it not to work out :)


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  • Its almost like your taking it slow. I usually find when someone doesn't want you dating or themselves dating someone else they show they definitely like you. But when they won't make it official yet its because they are holding back because of something or someone.
    Maybe she still loves the ex. Its really bad to get into a relationship again until you stop loving the ex otherwise they can not give themselves to you properly in the new relationship. I think this stands to reason why some people are able to move on much quicker than others.

  • It means that you can't see other people physically or you can't date anyone else but you are not a couple. She isn't officially your girlfriend, you just introduce her as a friend and you don't tell people that you see her.


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