If you have a story please share... What are the pros and cons of dating a "private person"?

I am definitely not an open book and mostly only my close friends really know what's happening in my life. I also don't want to expose all my life details on social media and even with my friends I don't blab anything or everything to them. But currently I am dating this person and he states he is private, thus far there is no issue but I wonder what the issue could be down the line? He has an issue with the circle we met in. He had some problems with people being in his business and talking crap and prefers for me not to say much as to what we do or how I spend my time with them. They are mainly acquaintances to me so I have no problems with this. I guess I will learn more as time goes on but curious if others could share their stories?


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  • For me it usually depends on the friend (I have groups of friends), there's maybe 5 that id ever really trust with my life the others I usually don't bother telling them all my problems. I'm sociable when I need to be and very reserved most of the times I like my privacy not because I've to hid something but I've always had a big loud and very annoying fanily so there's never any privacy. But in your case I think you need to gather a few more clues and ask more questions before thinking that there's something seriously wrong with him wanting to be private.


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  • He might hide stuff from you and say "I'm just a private person"

    The good thing he won't be running his mouth about your life