Confusing situation with girl I have been dating, is she mad or just not interested. Not sure if/when I should contact her? (Sorry for length)

I had been dating this girl for about a month, (we agreed that both of us were exclusive early on). And things were going really well, though progressing rather fast (perhaps too fast) as I was interested her and she had similar feelings in return. Then somewhat out of the blue she said she wasn't sure about a relationship at the moment, which she didn't really explain so I assumed she was rejecting me and decided I would't contact.

However a few days later she reached out to me (through text) and we continued texting back and forth, and eventually agreed to go out again. When we did see each other, she seemed distracted, and though I tried, she didn't really offer any insight into how she felt other than, she liked her independence.

So once again I assumed this was some sort of rejection, however she yet again reinitiated the contact, and we continued texting. However based on her seeing she liked independence, I sort of ended conversation, and then didn't text her for a few days. When I did text back, she was taking really long to respond to messages, and after about 2 or 3 messages was sending really short replies. With a one week break in school coming up (a week in which we will not have contact with one another), I asked to meet up with her before the end of the week, and she passively turned me down, by waiting to respond til it would have been inconvenient to find a time.

So now I feel stuck in limbo again, as I mentioned I had initially assumed she was not interested, but it felt like to me that she does still have feelings (saying she missed me) and don't know why she would want to go out if she didn't. As I stated in question I can't tell if she's mad about my not texting her (or something else), or just not interested. (I know only way to know for sure is from her).

So with where it stands, and us not having contact for this week off school, should I just wait for her to reach me, or should I contact her? and how long should I wait to do so?


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  • She's not interested

    Move on

    • i just don't get why should we meet up with me then, or keep texting me?

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