New to online dating what should I say to girls that I'm interested in on POF?


I joined POF which is an online dating site and I see a lot of girls in my area that I'm interested in but I have no idea what to say.

What should I say to girls that I'm interested in on POF?
Well I know what not to say but what should I say?


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  • I met my current boyfriend on POF. I'm amazed at how far we've gotten, all stemming from a random message from him. Like, really, he was just some guy on the internet and here four months later we are in love and intending to be together for a long, long time. Say hi, and tell her a few things you liked about her profile and a few similarities you noticed about the both of you. Good luck :) Also know most girls will put up their absolute BEST pictures, so if they don't look quite as attractive in person don't be surprised.


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  • any personalized message. Just don't say things like " hey" or " sup babe wanna get a load of my magic stick"


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  • Having the same issue, this girl said she wanted to meet me.. we have been talking but it feels like I'm running out of things to say and it's taking her longer to respond but I don't know if she is doing that because it took me awhile to respond back too only because I did not know what to say.

  • You're lucky, I haven't found any I'm interested in on POF. Don't say anything pervy.

    • Move to a big city that's what I did and there is too many to choose from lol there are 100s.

    • Yeah and yet there's none I'm interested in. I do live in a city area. I guess I'm just picky.

  • Here's an outrageous suggestion: How about telling them the things that you're actually interested in? :D

    • And how do I get her to reply to my message after stating all the things I'm interested about her?

    • Like Sean said, stay away from the pervy talk until you get to know someone first, and at that point stick to just flirty. There's no way to guarantee that anyone will reply to you. Just be yourself, be funny if you have it in ya, and be respectful. Other than that, you'll just have to know that you won't get a reply from everyone.

  • Read her profile and make comments about your common interests and the things that made her stand out to you.. Also, ask questions about the things that she seems to be the most interested in, even if you're not into them. Ask her fun questions, like what is her ideal date, which country would she like to visit most, what are her favourite kinds of entertainment (which bands or movies, specifically), what was the funniest thing that happened to her this week, things like that. Show interest in her and make her laugh.


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