She keeps saying we should do something again. So why haven't we?

So I went out with the girl. Great time, she had a great time, etc, etc.
I see her a few days later and asks if she'd like to do something again soon.
She says she had two important exams coming up, but after that we should do something.
One week later (after exams), I ask if we she wanted to go out the next evening for drinks. She says that she can't as she's already going out, but that we should go for drinks another time.

I try again, one week later- I text to ask if she would like to go for a walk and get a coffee. I see her the next day (she didn't reply to the text), and she brought it up- she said that she couldn't make it as she had an essay deadline the next morning.
BUT she said we should do something soon.

It's been just over 3 weeks since the first date.
She's still been showing me interest, texting me, etc... but won't commit to another date.

I put the ball in her court this time and said, "that's fine, just let me know when your free".

Ontop of all this she returns to France in 3 months, so time is running out.

Anymore answers? Girls? Or guys?
Anyone else please? :)


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  • It sounds like she's just leading you on. Girls who are interested don't wait that long and would be more proactive rather than just reacting to your invites -- especially if she's only declining.

    • I don't get why she won't leave it though- she brings it up, when I think she's left it. She always says we should do something... I just don't understand!

    • Because women don't make sense. She may feel "guilty" or somesuch. Don't concern yourself with it and try to move on.

    • Could she just be unsure? That's the overall impression I get. If she is though, I would hope she'll make her mind up sometime before Christmas !

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  • That's the best thing you can do at this point: tell her to get in touch with you when she has her schedule in order and has time to set another date. If she never does, it's her loss.