I join a dating site (I don't if that the right place) to meet people and make friends. How to go by that? Out of the loop here.

I been in a long term relationship, trying to get back into the social game. I'm an introvert, I have small net of friends. So I join okcupid, I know it's a dating site but hope I can make friends. I finally message someone. Think I have any luck for friends or all the guys want sex? Trying get my feet wet... Advices? I Know there's bars... not really my scene.. thanks


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  • My advice is... make friends (dont give them any personal details about you) address, phone number anything that will make it easy to stalk you or come find you. Have normal conversations, be sure you filter perverts

    • How do you filter? Is there 1 in the settings? Haha as you can see i'm lost in this category. thanks

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    • I meet a lot of people online, in fact I met my current boyfriend online. We've been dating for a year and we even intruduced our families. :) but it was long before i gave him my details... oh and before i forget if you do decide to meet up do it in a VERY public place...

    • Thanks for the tips... good free site beside okcupid? Should you do more than 1 site?

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  • A lot of them are scams. You can look on-line and see if its ok or not. I've heard eharmony is really good but I've heard its expensive too. Be careful of creepers.


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