Have you ever had an incredibly awkward date? Can you recover from it?

So I had this date a few months ago. It was with a girl I knew back in high school. By "knew" I mean talked to like once or twice, and by "talked to" I mean said Hi and just the basic acquaintance type stuff. Well that doesn't really matter, the point is I liked this girl for a while so I decided to ask her out. We went to the movies, which I later realized was a bad idea. This is because I hardly knew her and it would have helped a lot to be able to talk to her, and get to know her better.

My opportunity to talk to her came on the walk home. This as my question implies turned out to be incredibly awkward. I just couldn't help myself to find the right words to say and was choked up on awkward silences. This also, you should probably know, was my first date, well second (but that's another story). I had been anticipating this for a while and I think I just hyped it up too much which made me very anxious and wasn't able to act myself.

Now I feel as if another date would be out of the question. I still like this girl, but fear if I go out with her again it could make her impression of me worse and ruin any chance of a relationship - and I don't mean "just dating", I'd even like to be her friend.

Also, would anyone have any ideas for possible future dates which would be less awkward and allow us to be comfortable around each other. I'm very new to the dating scene so I'm sure others with more experience may have had this same experience and learned to recover from it.


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  • You never know unless you ask! So just ask her out again. Tell her you think that you guys didn't get to talk enough and want to try it again. Some first date suggestions:

    - Dinner out

    - Mini Golf

    - Bowling

    - picnic lunch in a nice park

    All of these would be good place to get to talk to her more but still be able to do something else besides just talk.

    Good Luck!


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