When dropping her home in the morning do you kiss her or hug her both?

what do you do, especially if a friend is being dropped home with the girl

Also does only a hug mean not interested. how does this work.


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  • This is the morning after a date or night together? I think most guys would give a kiss, if so. A hug can be sweet, especially if she's the shy type that isn't into too much PDA. As a woman though, I think if you want to sent out vibe of interest I'd see a kiss as more romantic. A hug can go either way - platonic/friendly or sweet - depending on the kind fo hug. So it might confuse her, too.


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  • I do both and it takes a while for me to pull away

    Only a hug doesn't necessarily mean not interested


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  • You do whichever you feel would best reflect your feelings for whomever you're dropping off. If you really like her and you're involved in either a relationship or seeing each other casually, I don't see why you couldn't do both a kiss and a hug. You shouldn't play games by maintaining distance in order to not seem interested when you in fact do like someone.

    A hug or kiss and their meaning could differ greatly depending on how things are going with this person. Try not to over-think it too much, and just do whatever feels right in the moment. :)