Girls any tips...first date and questions

I'm pretty good at first dates/dating...i usually ask a girl general questions what family/friends/ what they like / what are there good qualities but just wondered what sort of questions you think are good to ask to build deep rapport quickly?

I'm also taking a girl out this thursday... and wondered do you prefer drinks or a meal and drinks on the first date?

Any tips would be great..thanks ;)

Last night went very well, went to 3 bars and had lite food in the 2nd spent was out from 8 - 11.30! Finished off with a kiss in the car! She's a lovely girl and I can defo see her as girlfriend material...


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  • drinks only would be the best bet for a first date... also, I don't think its a matter of what questions to ask but rather what conversations to bring up, of course the typical family, work, fun questions come up but try to tell her about yourself too, tell stories rather than have a Q&A session, its not an interview its a date, and don't forget to make her laugh!


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  • I would say plan drinks only.

    But, if things seem to be going well invite her for dinner too. This way you are not stuck with dinner and drinks if things do not seem to be working, but if you are really into her then you can extend the night with dinner.

  • I think all girls like to talk about themselves.



    I like to talk about stuff going on in the world. to see if we click or see eye to eye on issues.

    nd maybe like hobbies, or family.


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