Women not interested in me? Any thoughts?

I work at a big facility with many women and every time I walk by them they either look at the ground or look side to side, could this be cuz I'm ugly and they aren't attracted to me or another reason?


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  • Never think your ugly for one, this sends anyone a negative feel about you. So if this is your attitude than well, it will continue.

    I would, make a change in your life. Change hobbies, catch up with friends play some sport, go fishing. You need to initiate changes to your current lifestyle. Sport and travel helps a lot. Lets you see new stuff from new points, maybe never felt before. Try it!

    When you feel happy people around you feel happy, give you female co-workers a smile. ^The above comment doesn't cost much, just a bit of time. But in the long run its worth it.

    I hope this of help.

    • Thanks for your help. I don't see myself having a gf.. I even strikeout on online dating

  • Do the women at your work have any reason to be uncomfortable around you?

    Maybe they're just busy doing their jobs.

    • No this is walking from one area to the other. Why do you assume it's me?

    • I'm not assuming it's you. Just asking a question. Based on your description my best guess is that they're just busy working and they're not really paying any attention to you because of it.

    • No they are walking to and from the work cafeteria

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