I asked her out but said she can't. I kind of figured she couldn't but how do I know it's that it just wasn't me?

I asked this girl out to the casino for my birthday today. I talked to her a lot before hand and complimented her etc.. she said she can't. How do I know it wasn't just me. I think she said she can't because she was working


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    she might like you but not more than a crush or a friend.
    or she may need all her atention on work right now.
    or she loves you so much she left you and wrote a dramatic break up song about it. Taylor Swift in disguise. lol


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  • I'm taking it that you asked out a girl that was working at the casino where you were just having a good time right? It's not you there could be policies that the casino doesn't allow employees to intermingle with the customers. I know because I've been where you are at bro, except this one time the manager found out and fired her and the girl for whatever reason blamed me for her losing her job and just straight quit calling/texting me. She was just a waitress at this diner I would frequent in San Francisco when I would get stationed out there. In my defense, the girl knew her policies than I did when she gave me her number after I declined to give her mine. Don't feel too bad.