At what pace should the relationship be going?

Hi, I haven't had a boyfriend before but I am not sure if I have one now. The guy is saying that he likes me and when I asked, he said, 'truly, madly, deeply'... We're in the same music so I think he also said that as it is a song title.
But I had met him for the first time four months ago and when he asked me out twice, we decided, or more like I asked that we don't consider it as a date but an outing, but it does seem like a date.
I think that I feel scared to be in a relationship and I don't know much how to explain and think about what I am feeling and I'm a little dense.

We talk on the phone every night and we got onto the topic of holding hands and hugging, then he listed seven things that he would do including: holding hands, hugging, kissing, and lifting me up or carrying me...
I think he is joking but the next time we will be meeting, I mentioned that his friends are going to be there if he does that and he said that eventually we will need to do those stuff in front of other people. And he sounded serious when he said that. So I am slightly scared to see him face to face next time.
Also we only met four times in total, twice were when he asked me out but we talk on the phone every night since then. So I am not sure how this is going and I feel that everything is happening quickly. Also I am a bit worried about the age gap and I am still a student while he graduated and lives pretty far. I am also hiding from my family about this as I don't know how they will react.

Could you give me any advice or opinions on this please?
Thank you for reading.


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  • You should go the peace you're comfortable going.

    • Thank you :) I was worried at what pace he wanted to go and thought that I was holding him back. I'll go with a comfortable pace.

    • Goof relationships aren't rushed :)

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