Does she like me more than friends or am i in the friend zone?

Hey folks I'll try to keep this as simple as possible this girl and i have been textin each other daily for about 4 months and we speak weekly on the phone, we have lots in common like music, movies and we have a very similar personality and soon we will be meetin for the first time and we've got to know lots of deep stuff and confided in each other and i really like her and spending time with and in no uncertain terms she knows and she has said she loves speaking to me n stuff but recently she has become distant after the ex popped his head up again but she is still textin me lots daily about her problems etc? Am i friendzoned or do you think she likes me?


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  • What kind of problems? I think that she was beginning to see potential interest, but once when her ex came, her old feelings developed and she is now into him, maybe. Do not feel insecure about this because if she really wanted him she would stop talking to you completely and turn to him, so you do have a shot. If she is talking to you about male problems and most of them are mainly about her ex, that's a red flag and consider yourself friend zoned.

    • Well just daily problems with her work and if there's been a fall out with a friend and stuff at home,, one threw me she was getting lots of strange texts from a guy and out of the blue she asks me to contact him telling him to stop,, but on a plus she hasn't mentioned her ex in over a week,, i feel everytime we get close she pulls back for some reason,, likes of last week she was out with friends but the whole time she was out all she done was text me but on the next day i could tell she was being distant and withdrawn,, when i see she's like that i just leave her for a few hours and example last night i was quiet for a few hours then out the blue she texts askin about the weather haha,, all my friends I've spoke to about it say she seems to like me but is confused but i myself have my doubts,,,

      Ps - is there possibility we text eachother "too" much?

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  • As sassy_scorpio said don't let her talk about her ex cause that does mean you could be heading for friendship. It sounds like she likes you a little but the ex bugging her could mean she is trying to deal with that before she lets you know she's interested.

    • That's exactly what I'm going to do now i must say it's getting rather frustrating when she says she has a lot on her mind then closes the door when i ask what's on her mind when we both know what's bothering her.

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    • That's my thinkin exactly unfortunately

    • I'm sorry

  • Don't be so accepting of her talking about her ex. Change the subject. If she insists on leaning on you for support you're paving a path to the friend zone.

    • Thank you I'll do that next time

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