Maybe yes? What do you guys think?

So when I first met my friends roomate, I thought maybe he liked me. We all went out drinking together one night and he basically kept talking to me - mostly about my country. Apparently he's interested in it after going there. Since then I don't know. I can't tell if it's me he likes or where I'm from.
-He started hanging around with us after that. He almost always sits near me. We've had nice conversations about shared interests, arts, etc.
-he's said he wants to learn more about my culture and keeps asking me to recommend bands, artists, tv shows. He also says he's been thinking about going there for work
-when were out drinking and I had to go home, he came after me and walked me to the train station
-according to my friend, he's been dating a few girls. When asked about it on one occasion he said he doesbt have anything serious, he can't find anyone he has a connection with. "And besides I really don't want to get into a relationship until I have a proper job/apartment"
-another friend tried to ask him about his dating and he got impatient and said "it's private, man!". My friend was shocked because apparently he freely talks about girls with him.
Is he into me or just my country? I can't tell if this is a cultural exchange or what. He's kinda cute so I wouldn't mind, but i don't want to get the wrong idea. English isn't my first language so I don't want to confuse things..

Convo we just had via message
Me "ugh I going to freckle sooo bad in summer"
Him "lol white people"
Me "yeah our skin sucks"
Him "naww just kidding I love freckles girls"


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  • It sounds like he's definitely interested in you, and not just your country, but he may really mean it when he feels like he's not "set up" for a relationship until he gets a place of his own and a job.

    • So should I just keep doing what I'm doing and let him figure it out or should I try something else?

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    • Ok I'll try it, thanks

    • You might try asking him if he wants to do something with you, like go see a movie.

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  • That travel experience represents pleasure to him and you are associated with it
    plus this topic gives him a line of conversation he otherwise doesn't feel he has YET with you... he's priming the pump to find other things in common - so help him by liking some local things until he finds one in common and then the pumping will go easier


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  • He could be into you but I would be a bit weary. In my experience, there are a lot of guys and girls who only like someone because they are from another country. They like the "exotic" thing and really if you were from here they would not like you any more than the next girl. But I have not seen him around you. Just be careful.