Would you care if someone was into you, and talk to a co worker about what they thought, if you weren't interested in them as well?

Overheard a couple of co workers talking about somebody liking one of them. Both are in serious relationships (one is married, not sure if the other is but know she is involved as I've met him).
One was telling the other how someone acts to see if she what her opinion was.

Just because someone has interest in you doesn't mean anything will happen.

I never said the person they were talking about was also a co worker as I don't know who it is they were talking about liking one of them.


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  • I would care. A lot. If I knew someone liked me, and we were both in a committed relationship, I'd either come right out and tell them it's a no go or have someone relay the message. If people in the office are aware I would want them to stick up for me as well. I would hate if word got back to either of our significant others and have them, innocent bystanders, involved. Then have my hubby loom over me at every turn bc someone else is showing interest in me. As he is very protective of me.

    • Why would your husband be at your job?

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    • So you think the one who has the possible admirer is also interested?
      For me, while I would be flattered I wouldn't talk about unless I was also a bit interested.

    • Omg I keep getting what your trying to say confused. Lol. No I don't think if someone likes me I'd be interested in them.

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