Stages from dating to relationship to then on?

if you meet a person and start dating and everything is great, what is the rough time you would like to take for each new stage in you relationship, and what parts of the relationship such as meeting parents signify you both have moved to the next stage... basically a time line of events from first date to dating, sex etc. etc.


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  • Relationship growth COMPLETELY depends on the two people in it, some grow very fast and some grow very slow, there's no such thing as even a rough time for this. You should only move to the next stage when you're BOTH ready, how long you've been together doesn't matter. As for the actual stages I'll list them below. Stages also depend on many factors like how you meet and age, but I'll list the stages for traditional dating for your age range.

    Realization of Feelings - When you both realize you have feelings and are attracted to each other, which changes the nature between both of you and how you interact.

    Initial Dates - The first or first few dates in which you gain a deeper understanding of each other and begin to feel closer to them than most other people.

    Interactional Growth - After the initial dates your interactions with each other when you see each other will become more intimate, natural, and less awkward. Through this others will start to see you two as a couple and your relationship will become solidified to those around you. At this point you'll usually be girlfriend and boyfriend. Sex will usually start here, but it can be delayed to other stages depending on the partner's morals.

    Meeting the Parents - Once you're solidified to those around you you'll start to feel the need to solidify the relationship to your parents as well, making the relationship "serious". Your parents' acceptance of your new girlfriend/boyfriend is like them being accepted into the family, and often times the parents will try to now form a connection with the new boyfriend/girlfriend to solidify their place in the family.

    Cohabitation - Eventually you'll feel like you need to live with each other so that you're close at all times. This need is the first step in actually starting a family together and sharing your lives. This is a big step as prior to this even though you're in a "serious" relationship, you're still seen as individuals rather than a family unit.

    • Marriage - This is the stage where you both fully acknowledge that you want to share your lives together and become an official family. Marriage is an agreement to secure this family legally and socially as well as strengthen it.

      Procreation - At this point you will decide to grow your family and have children, imbeding a combination of your traits, culture, and lifestyle. This child will eventually grow to go through these same stages and carry on your family as well as the human race.

      Like I said this is the ideal flow of dating and relationships, but it doesn't always work out like this for many reasons. As you get older these go faster, when you're younger they go slower, and morals/culture/situations can switch them around, remove some, or even create new stages.

      It really depends on the two people in the relationship.