How do you know a guy you are seeing is developing feelings for you?

And how long is long enough if you see each other about 1x per week to know if feelings will ever develop or won't.


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  • Well, if he continues to see me I think it's safe to assume he doesn't thinks I'm ok.

    • But at what point can you really know that you can let him into your heart? I've been hurt on the past and I don't want to end up falling for him only to have him leave. Or never fall for me

    • Everyone is different, there's no real answer to that. Most people just go with the flow and let things unravel on their own.

  • I mean, I guess if they're continually spending time with you on a weekly basis that's a sure sign they already have some feelings, right? Or are at least pretty darn interested? How long have you been dating?

    • Since December so about 15weeks. Which seems like a long time but since we only see each other 1-2x a wk it's not that long. But he does initiate all the plans and we have started seeing eachother 2x a week some weeks recently. But we are both very busy

    • Oh he's definitely interested. Don't you worry about that!