Do I text him first? I dont want to push him away anymore than i already have?

A boy and I are very much interested with each other and exclusive but there is no title and i know all about his ex who has a lot of issues. The other day the ex tried to killer herself and he was being honest and telling me he went to take her to the hospital but the message i got was confusing "got drunk. huge argument. locked herself in bathroom and cut wrist" that makes it seem like they were together. so i asked if there were hanging out and he said no. and then he told me he was up all night at the hospital making sure she was ok. and i was like it still sounds like you were together drinking and he said "im trying to tell you what happened and you say i was with her. fuck you. have a good day." then i sent him a message to respond. two days go by and i text him and he was like i stopped texting you because you are adding to my stress. and i said ok. and now it has been 4 days. im not trying to add to his stress level, all the fighting started after i went down to see him for 4 days and the ex freaked out at him for me being there. and i have a lot going on and i have been over reacting at him about simple things so should i text him and im happy to answer any questions about what happened.


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