Alright Ladies, I don't know what to do here, give me some tips please!?

Ok, so I work in a kitchen, and I like my Sou chef (person that's higher than me, but not really my boss), She gave me signs that she's interested. Lots of Eye Contact, Smiling, laughing at my stupid jokes, Tease me, calls my name a lot, helps me with my work even when I don't really need it, saying thank you a lot.

Now I can't really Flirt a lot with her at work (but I do!), just because I don't want rumour to start at work since we work in a very tight space, so everyone hears everything.

I wanted to ask her out. So Today on the way to the subway with her I said, "Would you like to go have some food with me after work tomorrow?". I got an answer of "I'm not sure, maybe depends what time we get out of there, I'm closing tomorrow"

She kind of gave me a feeling she didn't want to go?

what is this mix signal you ladies send?

I forgot to Mention, she's 4 years Older than I am, maybe that's an issue to some woman.


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  • Hard to tell. Wait and see what happens tomorrow after closing. If she doesn't show interest, back off for a while and one more move when timing is right.

    • Yep, we walked to the subway again, going home opposite way, she didn't even bring up about having food after work... guess backing down is the thing to do.

    • Yep.. Don't ask her out again.
      Thanks for the pick

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