Why do I feel the need to hold back my interest in this guy?

There's really nothing to lose as we haven't met in person yet, but have chatted via text, phone, and Snapchat on a sparing, but regular basis the past two weeks. He decided to call me for the first time earlier this week. We had an amazing conversation. It was so deep and lasted 3 hours. He said he wanted to continue it later this week and we playfully chatted the next day. Then, I decide not to respond to his "Ooooooo" reply and we didn't talk at all yesterday. He Snapchats and texts me tonight, asking how I was, calling me "homie" which I found odd. He then he calls me around 11pm, which I find kinda late.

As much as I wanted to talk to him - he's the most intelligent person I've ever spoken to on that level before and he's cute - I couldn't possibly answer the phone. I just stared at it, remembering his off/on approach and "homie" comment. "He'll have to work harder if he wants to talk to me... I'm not being at his beck and call like last time... it gets me nowhere" was what was going through my mind. Now, I'm conflicted between perhaps having run him off with my lack of interest and finally putting my foot down and realizing I don't have to answer to anyone except me. Why am I like this?

Am I wrong for feeling this way/doing this?


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  • You just happen to be not only a very smart girl, but also a very classy one too. It's good to stay that way and it's also very good to trust your first gut feelings. Those are there to protect us from acting too fast and to keep us safe from harm. That's nice that you think he's so intelligent and that he's cute. But there was something about your acting too fast to his beckoning that prevented you from jumping to his call. If you like a guy to work a little harder for you that's great! Most guys that find you worth it will. Those are the very ones you want. Don't worry about the possibility that you might have run him off with your lack of interest and finally putting your foot down and realizing you don't have to answer to anyone except yourself. You're like that because that's YOU. That's your character. That's who you are. If you want to lower your bar you'll let in those type of guys that won't match you. Oh you'll let all kinds of guys in. But those aren't the type of guys that will satisfy you. Be patient. He should be contacting you again and hopefully he'll talk to you like a gentleman with no catchy words until he gets to know you better. Usually, guys that do that... start the cute talk right off are often the ones to avoid right off. Let a guy work for you a little at the start. You have your standards so keep them. You can always lower them later on if you choose... which I wouldn't recommend though. So that's why you're like that... because you have high standards. Try to keep them. He will be contacting you again and you'll be able to go from there. Meantime, he'll have learned you're not that easy to get. Good girl!


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  • "Why are you like this?" ... because you're a Boss. Congratulations ;)

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