He doesn't text during the week?

So I met a guy through mutual friends, we have been hanging out for a few weeks now and hooking up. Mostly just meeting up with a group going out to the bars having a good time talking, dancing etc then hooking up at the end of the night and he always stays over. We have recently hung out more often during the day and then had dinner and be stayed over again. He usually always initiated contact on a Thursday night for weekend plans or a Friday afternoon then we get together with mutual friends. Since we spent the whole weekend together last weekend and had more one on one time just talking I find it odd I haven't heard from him since Monday. Am I just a booty call?


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  • You ask yourself... what do we do during week days and not during weekend? Think ! Think!! Yes of course- WORK!! He might be working hard or might be during overtime or even a second job part time.. might be volunteering, working out, taking cooking classes, God knows? Why directly think about being used? We men are very simple.. if something troubles you, just ask it.. And we know you catch us if we are lying..


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