What happened, he suddenly changed?

Hi, opinions on this would be great,
so I've been on two long dates with a guy I met on pof, there was chemistry and I'm pretty sure he was into me, from his messages and calls, he chatted about the future as in we will do this etc. Then no contact for 5 days and I get this message

'Hey I've had a long think about it and I've decided I want to move to Australia in the next 3-6 months. I know that's not great footing to start a relationship but you obviously need to know x'

I stay in the UK! DO you think he is suggesting that we continue to date, or is he just using any old excuse as he's not into me?

What should I reply to him?
What should I reply?


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  • I find that with today's toms, many of them are sporadic, unpredictable, non committal, and yes---grow cold webbed feet, waddling tumultuously back into the murky waters from which they came. This duck is no exception.
    He no doubt got scared, and is Now giving you some "no bird brainer" excuse, which he is expecting you to bite on to, hook, line and sinker. Don't believe it.
    I'm not sure up to this point if you will be getting another "birds of a feather" date again from him, but to be a good sport, make lite of it by quacking up: "Oh, okay, good to know this, my friend."xx


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  • I think he's being honest and probably has mixed feelings. He wanted to tell you, that's a good sign. I say keep dating and if it goes really well, consider moving with him. Australia is pretty awesome.


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  • it sounds like a strange dear john letter