What does it mean when a shy guy used to look at me all the time but doesn't anymore?

as a matter of fact, there were alooott of signs he was interested in me. I just worry because i dont wanna over read his actions. Is staring something shy guys do a lot? And why did he suddenly stop staring whatsoever?


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  • Shy guys will sometimes ignore a girl they like if they don't know what to say to them for the first time. Hard to tell if he is doing that or if he lost interest. What other signs has he showed? Ever smiled at you or sat/walked near you? Do you see him get nervous or fidgety around you?

    • And yes shy guys stare at girls they're interested in because as opposed to confident outgoing guys they don't know what to say to you or are afraid of coming off as an idiot so naturally they stare if interested

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    • yea I would say he likes you and has for whenever those signs started. He's just shy, like the guy said, try breaking the ice, he might (probably) open up once he sees how down to earth and easy to talk to you are.

    • I talked to him twice but just to ask something. Thats pretty much it. WHat worries me is what happeend this week: he didn't look at me at ALLL! :(

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  • I used to do this like 2 years ago. Honestly he's probably so shy that he just gave up on getting the courage to speak to you. Break the ice and say hi or something and see how that goes


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