Is going out with someone who has a child too much hassle will the kid grow up to resent me?

right now it's ok because he's young but once he's older I don't know what do you his think


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  • How old? How serious are you? How long are you planning on dating him? You don't give much to go on.

    A real young kid with no mother would not realize anything one way or the other - - not yet aware of his/her life situation. A bit older and may see you as a disturbance for a while. If there is a mother, she may "poison" the child against you (or not). A little older and you could be seen as a real interloper. For any of these situations, you could become a part of their life (do you want that?). Losing you later cold be bad if they come to depend on your presence in their life.

    If ist is just an occasional date, then it would probably mean nothing to them.


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