Any advice on what to do now , guys and girls!?

So i have been on a date with a guy, we have been on 5 great dates. We have so much in common and things were so amazing, last date was on Valentine's day. He told me he liked me and how much he enjoyed himself.

by the way : he came out of a 6 years relationship last winter..

The one problem is that , he doesn't live in the same town as me. He comes whenever he has meetings cause he is in a political organization for students.

After our last date he suddently didn't contact me as often as before, i noticed he started to pull away and things werent the same.

I know he has a lot to do with the organization and he goes to school also, and has to write his bachelor assigment.

He has also applied for league schools in the state so i know his prioritites aren't being with me.

But i so wanted to see him again and i asked him 3 weeks before he came to my town to meet and he said yes. Well this week he was in brussels for a conference and told me he would let me know when he has time but things were hectic at the moment.

He didn't let me know until yesterday, i asked him if we were meeting or not and he said , things had been hectic but he is going to stay at his moms place to work on his assigment so he won't be able to meet me. And on fcb chat you are able to see where he is writing from and he was in the same town where his family lives so i believe him.

I told him i totally understand and i dont mean to be all intruding etc, but i asked him if there would be a next time? cause i wanted to know if there was any point of even keep this going.

He said " it will be a next time :) just have a lot going on right now :) "

and i wished him good luck with his assignment and he replied "thanks:) i would rather have been relaxing with you ;)"

so what should do now? should i just move on and give him space?


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  • you should wait for him put yourself in his shoes do what you would want him to do if your life was hectic and you were busy so i would stay in it because your happy and he is to and he has been talking and communicating with you every chance he gets so he does care and want you in his life


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  • Just give him some space.

    • I know right. but do you think he isn't interested?

    • You keep asking about this. You need to relax instead of asking this like 3 times now. Go live life instead worrying about this man.

    • So rude!

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