how to support man who im dating (not my bf)?


the man I've been seeing on and off for a year has had his grandfather pass away recently. I have texted him saying I'm sorry for his loss. I also sent another text a few days later asking if he wanted to hang out if he felt like talking. Do you think thats the best approach?

He usually withdraws and disappears when he is going through a rough time. Should i just let him go and wait for him to get back to me when he's ready? or continue to ask him how he is etc every few days?

I really care about him and i just want to be here for him! its just hard when i am not his girlfriend and i don't want to come across as annoying..

guys what would you expect from a girl if this was your situation?

girls what would you do?

also, i was thinking of dropping off some cake to his house or something. or do you think thats just intrusive cause I'm not his gf?

hope you can help :)


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  • If you have sent a comforting text, and have not heard back, he is most likely in his own shell, his own veil of mourning. When he is ready to talk, I am sure in own time, sweetie, he he will do so. For now, don't send any more messages. He may be getting plenty of them from others who also are sending condolences.
    It's not easy to lose a family member, and often it takes a little licking of one's own wounds to help make the stinging stop.
    Perhaps in the meantime, in a week or ten days, a nice cake or something like this would certainly be a friendly gesture to do. You don't have to be a girlfriend or anyone hooked at the hip to show a friend in need a good deed. And while you're there, maybe you could give him a shoulder to cry on, to sort of speak. xx

    • thank you :) i will definitely take this advice. thanks so much

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