Meeting my boyfriend's family today. Nervous!! Help please!!!?

So, me and my boyfriend have been dating for two months and I've never met any of his family, not even his friends.

Today, his family is hosting a small get together. He has only two older sisters and two close family friends with their baby are coming.

I'M FREAKING OUT. I feel like they are very strict people. And usually, I could care less what people think of me, but it's different with them. I want them to actually like me because I love my boyfriend and I know how important his family is to him.

I've heard people say to just be yourself, but I'm really goofy, high energy, sometimes ditzy, loud and I don't really think before I talk, especially when I'm nervous! When I'm nervous I just ramble and get sweaty...

So please!!! Any tips? Pointers? Advice of any kind is acceptable!!!


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  • Unfortunately you already set it. The best thing to do is to be yourself. Any decent parent is going to accept the person their son or daughter brings home. And while parents can be critical ultimately it's their son or daughter's happiness that's the most important thing. Don't start your relationship with him on a line. Otherwise you'll never be able to relax and have a good time. Eventually you'll become comfortable.


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  • Relax, sweetie. Everything is going to be fine. Everyone, at one point in time or another, has to eventually Meet the Parents. Your turn is now here. As you prepare today to be your loveliest Ever, start talking to yourself as well. Tell yourself Today is not the day to be: "Goofy, high energy, sometimes ditzy, loud and no thinking First" bag of nerves. These may very well be future family down the road.
    What you could do to calm some of the jitters, is take two Naproxin, like Aleve, and this will help with the frazzles.
    I can remember when I had to fly to Egypt to meet many Muslim members of a family I was going to marry into. I felt like Princess Diana, or some sort of Royal Reign during my stay over there. Here I am, this energetic, outgoing, friendly, convo sort of girl, and I had to pull off being the "Perfect Pill". I cordially shook hands and smiled politely a lot, or just sat there and listened, talking only when spoken to, prim as a rose, a lady with love and laughter. I was loved and admired by everyone. After my second time around back over, I was more relaxed, a little more of "me," which everyone accepted. I let them see just a small side of who I was on another end. But in a diplomatic way, of course.
    You be surprised what you can do when backed in a corner. Today you will find out that you can And Will Do to pull a miracle.
    Good luck. xx

  • Talking is a good thing. Don't be nervous about being yourself!

    Although if you tend to speak before you think, try to be conscious of the topics you bring up in conversation. I used to do the same thing and learned a few tricks to slow me down. Have a glass of water or something with you so that you can take a swig every once and awhile to slow yourself down without being awkward.

    A friend had very sweaty palms, (all the time, not just when he was nervous), and would wrap a napkin around his drink to help absorb any moisture. Or lightly wipe the on the side of your pants, jeans, whatever you are wearing before you shake their hand.

    Good luck!