Is he my boyfriend or am i wrong?

I know this guy about 5-6 months.
He was my classmate. He's a super model and they r many girls around him but
3 days ago was an special eve on my calender (iranian) and he asked me to spend that time with him. He was so caring snd lovely. i also met some family members of him.
But its about 3 days iam newsless about him and 2 days ago it was new year and he didn't wish me one yet.
What should i do?
Shall i wait for him to call or text first?

Finally he txted me but he was wondering why i didn't call him.
He asked me to go on a trip with him i refused bcz i rarely know him and i dont wanna sleep with him yet. Ge went on that trip. now what can i do to make him text or call me again?


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  • If you say he is a Super Model, sweetie, then you have to expect him to be a busy boy from time to time. The fact that he even invited You to spend this time with him, and also met some of his family members, is telling me You are a special part of his life, and knowing him from school, 5-6 months, and choosing You to be with for something this Unique, is also telling me there will most likely be more to come in the future.
    If you haven't heard from him, just send a friendly text, asking how he is doing? Wait for his response. Be patient with him. He is "Out there," and his lifestyle is much different than yours. xx

    • Thanks a lot for your delightful answer💜
      Actually he also asked me to go on a trip before but i denied and we were good friends,,, we call most of the times bcz both of us are busy people he is a model and iam a networker.
      He usually tells me beautiful things and i never found him flirting with other girls when he is around me.
      He use to call me with cute nicknames,,, me too!!
      3 days ago was a special iranian eve that we celebrate here he asked me to go to party with him as his date!!
      He introduced me as his date.
      And that night we looked like a perfect couple. From that night till now it past 3 days and he didn't call me or text me yet! Plus its iraniAn new year and i was expecting him to call me :(

    • Thanks so much, sweetie.. glad to have helped.. It sounds as though he really Is into you, and I am quite sure he has been busy... Go ahead and send a friendly "Hi." I am sure he will get back to you as soon as he is able... Much love and luck to you both.. You are doing fine here, don't worry.. xx

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  • You're in Iran? We're the wrong people for you to be asking this question! Our cultures are very dissimilar.

    For Americans he would NOT be considered your boyfriend. Being 3 days without hearing from him may also be acceptable if he is a super model because they are busy, obviously. Wait for him to call you or you can text him and ask him how he's doing. Just don't text him too much asking where he is, so on and so forth because Americans consider that clingy behavior.

    • Thank you for your answer 🌷
      Yeah i know that it condiders as a clingy one i never do so thats why iam asking what to do next :) but thankss it was helpful

  • He is certainly not your boyfriend right now. He might be in the future, but you need to relax a little. Don't get too emotionally involved right away, that is a sure way to get yourself hurt. Especially with a guy who has, lets say, options.

  • wait.. let him chase you..

    • Finally he txted me but he was wondering why i didn't call him.
      He asked me to go on a trip with him i refused bcz i rarely know him and i dont wanna sleep with him yet but iam sure if id accept to go with him it would happen for sure.
      We are ok now but he went on that trip.
      How can i make him to text or call me again?

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