Opposite sex best friend problem?

I've been friends with this girl for 3 years now and specially this last year we have become really good friends.. We tell each other a lot of stuff (keep some things private) .. I went over to hers a few times to watch a movie and the 3rd time which was yesterday I made a move because it felt like she wanted to kiss me asweell.. But she rejected it
It hasn't made it awks but I don't really know what to do.. ignore her? Keep trying?
Is this normal to fall for your best friend?
Im a boy and my bet friends is a girl by the way


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  • As a girl with a lot of guy friends that at one point or another had feelings for me, Don't take it personally that she rejected you... as cliche as that sounds!! I would let it simmer honestly and not make it awkward or ignore her. If you want to bring it up just to clarify or tell her you misread her that's totally cool I'm sure she would not be weird about it. A lot of times, even if you're her type or she thinks you're cute it's still too weird because of the friend aspect... If y'all are super close, sometimes it's like your brother lol!! Sounds crazy but it's true!! I've totally said those words "Yeah I would totally date him, but it's just weird because we're besties!"

    Wait a couple months and just be friends and see if she sends out any signals... sometimes after you have a chance to think about it, you regret not going for it and worry that you won't get another shot... so just be cool act like its nothing and later if you still are feeling her or you think she's feeling you... just try again, but it you are super relentless she'll feel bad and might quit hanging out as much.

    • I don't wanna ignore her but I do Becuase I kinda don't want to like her but I do?
      My friends say she led me in abit so not a clue atm :s thanks for te reply deffo helped me out !

    • No problem I'm glad I could help :)

      as far as leading you on, I can see that. I never didn't know that a guy friend liked me and even though I kept hanging out with them because I liked them genuinely as a person, I didn't just hang out and watch a movie alone with them or send any signals at all... I would reference OUR FRIENDSHIP often and talk about guys sometimes when they were around (Not to be ugly or hurt them) just so they would not question where they stood.

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  • Its completely normal. You guys spend a lot of time together and you start to find her more attractive the more you are with her.
    Just tell her how you feel and see if she feels the same. She may have just rejected your move cause she isn't ready for the next step. Maybe she's afraid it will ruin your friendship if you try to be something more. Worse case, she doesn't feel the same and you guys stay friends. Best case, she likes you too and you guys will start dating.

    • Not sure if I misred the signals (which I'm sure I didn't) but I might just get it out in the open as I've fancied her for so long and it's either she likes me or she doesn't?
      Does it out girls off if they think your talking to other girls?

    • Well she might not be sure if she has feelings for you too. She might just be trying to figure things out for herself.
      And no, I don't think so. As long as you aren't actually seeing someone else at the time you tried to kiss her.

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  • Okay, NUMBER 1 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION... is she hot? I mean, I wouldn't even try to do anything with an ugly girl even if we were raised side by side and freakin destined to marry (holy s**t that would be torture, i'm just a very picky person). But you should probably talk to her about this, like "Yo b***h, I want to do you so what do you think about all of this?" (I'm exaggerating here, so please don't take me seriously ;p ).

    • O yer haha she is peng ! And gaga I shall do ;)

  • No dont keep trying, ahe rejected it for a reason, you are likely to ruin the friendship if you are too persistant and push her away. Yes its fairly normal to fall for a friend whos a girl

    • Cheers man! Helped a lot