Does it matter if he's attracted to me if he's into me?

So my boyfriend of six weeks has never used the words beautiful or gorgeous to describe me. He has said I looked pretty a couple of times and tells me I was hot, but only referring to sex.

He said something about beautiful weather and gorgeous girls the other day. So I know beautiful and gorgeous are in his vocabulary.

It really bothers me that he doesn't see me as beautiful and gorgeous. I will not bring it up because I'm not about fishing for compliments.
I know he is into me because he makes and carries out future plans with me.

I just feel so bummed that he doesn't think I'm beautiful even though he obviously thinks I'm attractive enough to be with. How do I accept this?


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  • As long as you stay confident in yourself and do what makes you happy and you feel great and love yourself thats all that matters because as long as you are happy with yourself the more compliments won't even matter plus what another man doesn't say someone else will say to you and your boyfriend is most likely to get jealous of other dudes complimenting about how beautiful and pretty you are and he will start saying it or noticing what he's not doing


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