How do I go about getting him to ask me out?

Okay so there is a boy in my class and I've established he likes me because he texts me how are you if I'm not in school and stuff. He always pokes me or comes over to look at my paper. And hell joke about looking at his butt and I'll say whatever and he will make it dirty.

How do I get him to like me more or ask me out? I don't wanna do it because I am like really shy and I don't know if he talks to other girls and is with someone or what. Please help I really need it.


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  • You should just ask him if he wants to hang out sometime. Guys like it when girls take a little initiative. If you know that he likes you then there's no reason to be shy. Don't make it a big deal or anything. Just work it into one of your conversations about hanging out outside of school one day.


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  • Guys can never take a hint. EVER! They have this thing where they don't expect the chick is actually hitting on them, since the norm is the other way around. (All guys I've talked about this subject say so).
    The best you can do is ask him to hangout.