phone service out, not sure if she texted?

I know this may seem pathetic, but it's really bothering me. Things had gotten somewhat complicated between me and the girl I was dating, so I've been trying to give her space to figure things out or whatnot, and naturally I've been without cell service for the past day, so I won't be able to know if she texted or not during that period, because of an issue with carrier. It's making me stress, because I don't want her to think I'm intentionally not responding or something, but at the same time don't want to seem desperate and tell her that my service has been down, in the event that she didn't text me anyway.
I'm not sure what I should do?

I was thinking of making an ambiguous tweet about my cell not working, but I don't know if that seems desperate


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  • Don't text her or tweet her or anything. If she wants space, it means you're too clingy and need to back off. You should stop texting her back right away. It's actually better off if you don't have service. Then you won't be tempted to text her back right away. Even if she texted/called and you didn't get it, then so be it. You didn't do it on purpose. Plus, you should start ignoring a call or text every once in a while. She wants her space, so give it to her. She'll start to wonder why you haven't gotten back to her and it'll get her thinking about you more which is exactly what you want. When you do decide to respond to a text, dont write a huge paragraph. If you're response is more than one sentence, then it's too long and delete it and start over.


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  • At this point its out of your hands. your service is down, you can't change that and can't know if she contacted you. are you expecting to get it back soon? if so, just wait a little longer. if there are no messages, then proceed from there. but if she did text you, then you can apologize for not getting back to her and explain. no need to apologize at this point, you dont even know if she texted you!

    • yea my service is back, but I have no way of knowing about any calls/texts that may have come in during the time it was out

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