How do i tell a guy i've fallen for him, we're been seeing each other for a year?

We've been together for a year now and i've really fallen for him, i hate when he's not around, we talk on the phone everyday and it's the best part of my day (unless im seeing him too)! Since I've been feeling like this i've wanted to tell him but i dont want to say it so it sounds awkward or so he creeps out, i know he has strong feelings for me too, he's said he's fallen for me but i'm just worried! I am so worried about ruining it i'm worried i'm going to ruin it by worrying and trying too hard not to ruin it... i know, crazy! i've just never been so comfortable with anyone, or happy, please if you could give me some advice it would be much appreciated! Thank you!


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  • lol you've been together a year, just tell him how you feel.

  • It's been a year and you're dating
    It's ok to tell him your feelings

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