What do women find attractive in a man?

I was wondering what women are attracted to in a man that she would want to date him and if he had great personality but he's overweight would you date him?


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  • How masculine he is. His funny/dorkiness. His honesty. Respect is attractive too :p

    • I'm 5-10 and 30 lbs overweight. Could I still be found attractive?

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    • And don't eat bread?

    • I hate veggies

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  • My ex girlfriend likes chubby guys more, I am sure she is not the only one, so women can still be attracted to you physically. Too bad I am skinny... she is now with a chubby dude haha. Some women care more about looks than others too, so if you aren't their type, it might not matter how great your personality is. But the real question is "do women find chubby guys attractive?" Maybe i'll ask it on the forum. And the answer is: some do. You should find someone who makes you feel sexy. Or alternatively, if you are insecure about your body, start working out.