Shall I ask a player out? He hurt me but I liked him and played hard to get maybe a bit too long...?

I went on a date with a guy and quite liked him, however he is a bit of a player and over the uni holidays we didn't speak much.

When we came back he came onto me and I told him to get lost because he messed me about. I explained everything and he said he liked me still and I wouldn't kiss him.

Three weeks in a row at the club this would happen and I would never kiss him but he is a player.

I'd reply to his text then he would ignore it, then I'd do the same back etc.

I then decided that I wanted to give it a go so sent him a generic text asking how he was and got nothing back.

Just found out that he had asked another girl out at that time (it hasn't worked out).

I thought he was being a jerk but now I'm thinking whether I pushed him away one week too far.

Now I'm thinking what if I did kiss him?

Shall I ask him out for a drink when we return to uni after this holiday? If he says no I can move on (be a bit embarrassed but still) if he says yes I can see him when I'm not as shy?

He likes my photos all the time but I know he does that to a lot of girls.

Should I?


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  • Absolutely not!


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  • Don't settle for a loser.


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  • I'd say stay out of the maasss drama to come..

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