How can you tell if a girl you once loved and dated for 5 years has moved on since moving away and been away for months?

its been over 5 months since my ex girlfriend moved away because of the death of her mom which was my mother in law. before she moved away, nights before she moved away we talked, let out all our feelings saying it was a great loving relationship we had and everything we went through thick and thin was worth it and etc but i personally wanna know if she still has feelings for me despite of what happened last year about her mom's death and being away from me for that long. i know she is a strong person she's been strong throughout the funeral but lately ever since we've been communicating with each other her text messages been a lot more dry and its not the same like it used to be with all the laughing and telling jokes etc. a while back, weeks before she moved i've told her i was going to go meet her after i graduate and to get my education in atl where she is currently living at now. i still want to do that because i still love her so much even though we broke up for her moving away. but honestly i want to know if she still feel for me and is it worth going get to be by her and getting that spark back despite her being away that long


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  • distance relationship is fragile... but in your case.. that's strong stuff i mean 5ive years... its something... just give her some time so that she would be able to deal with her mom's death... her sadness might be the reason why you think she does not love you... but i'm sure she still does... OR she wants to have a new start in life and forget about the harmful past by moving on

  • If you've been with someone for 5 years, odds are it's going to take awhile to get over them (if you ever really *do* get over them).

    Her mother passed away. Sure, a year may seem like a long time, but she's still grieving and will be for the rest of her life. It takes time to laugh and joke like you used to. It will come, but try not to pressure her with a relationship. Just be there for her and she'll decide what is right.

    • i understand i know life goes on and things change but ill always be there for her and willing to do anything to take care of her in the future because i've even made a promise to her mom that i would when she was alive and i wanna keep it. just hope that when times go by we'll have that spark again

    • It's a tough situation, but you're doing the right thing.

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