Failed to steal her a kiss. What can I do next?

So there is this girl at work that I like. She is my manager tho. I've been flirting with her and she also flirts with me. So today I decided to steal her a kiss. We went to her car and when she was about to give me a hug to say good bye, I went for the kiss but I missed and kissed her in her cheek. she said hei but she didn't seem mad. Then I went and ask her for a kiss but she said no And left. What should I do next? Did I do something wrong besides missing?


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  • You didn't miss. She deflected you on purpose. She was right to do so because you should not normally become romantic with people whom you supervise. Respect her decision for as long as she remains your supervisor.

    Tone down the flirting a touch too. It's not appropriate at work, and if others notice it they may draw the wrong conclusions.

    • This is the thing tho. Im the last one at work to leave before the manager does. I am supposed to leave 2 hours earlier than her, still she told me she wants my company. Everytime I dont stay with her she texts me saying how sad she is cus im not there. We are the only ones there besides a guy that does the cleaning after we leave, but she knows he's ok wih us being a couple. Still after I failed to kiss her, I ask her for a kiss and she used the guy as an excuse. But we wore in the parking lot already and it was virtually imposible that the guy would walk out and see us kissing

    • Sounds like she likes you but has mixed feelings for some reason. If you really want to be with her, all you can do is tell her and see how she reacts.

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  • Well yeah, if she values her job, she's not likely to get involved with a subordinate.

    • You think so? She is a bit older thank me but I was pretty sure she liked me. We even been joking about getting married. And stuff. I have bought stuff for her and she seems to like everything I give her. when we text she event asks me to dream with her. Im so confused. Any advise?