I can't tell if my guy friend likes me back, as more than a friend, or if not? It's so frustrating!?

So I've liked this guy since October, but we have been friends for a couple years. We are pretty good friends, and have just recently become more close. At some times, I am almost 100% positive he likes me, but then other times he will ignore me! Or just barely talk to me! I don't get it! Some of the main things he has done that make me think he might like me are these:
-he has randomly just asked me if I still liked the guy I used to, and when I said no, he asked me who I like now.
-he is extremely flirty
-very very very touchy (not in a sexual way)
-makes sure I'm ok when I get hurt
-randomly asks me who I find most attractive out of our guy friends (not including him)
-has told me personal things, that I'm 99% sure he wouldn't admit to just any girl
-always laughs at what I say even if it isn't funny
-smiles at me a lot
-my friends say I am really the only girl he talks to like that
-looks right at my eyes when he talks to me

But what he does to make me think he might not like me are these:
-I always have to text him first, but when we do text, he is always enthusiastic and replies with long answers, BUT he stops replying after a while
-sometimes he ignores me when he is with his friends, but will still occasionally look at me..

I am so sorry this was so long.. I just really need some help:( thank you!!!


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  • Although I believe he is feeling you, is Really Into you in his own One half, the other half is telling me, he wants his space, he wants to do things slow, doesn't want the strings attached saga right now, and is Not prepared to "answer to his friends" about you whenever you see him with them.
    Go slow for now, don't seem pushy or forward. I believe you have a great start, and if you play your cards right, this could become a real relationship down the line. Relationships are always best when nurtured by friendship. xx

    • I also believe if and when he would be ready for a relationship, he will really prove himself more. xx

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  • It's always difficult to tell. Given what you have supplied, it would seem he likes you as more than a friend. He may not like texting is busy, and perhaps does not want to be too obvious. Sounds like you should take the next step, what that may be. If you don't hangout alone, then that. If you already do, then perhaps asking him in a date like way...

  • Mm ofcourse he do?


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  • Its normal behavior sometimes if someone likes someone. Sometime people feel the need to not give "too much" attention to their interest. Kind of like a push and pull cat and mouse game. He sounds interested in you for sure, but maybe he doesn't want to give too much attention especially if its not completely reciprocated. Not saying you dont give him attention, I just think its more of a defense mechanism when you're not sure if someone is interested or not.