Why don't girls want to make boyfriend to date him? (A girl refused me)?

Formerly there was a girl who I like her, but I was very embarrassed and blushed to open my love to her so I was very unhappy and bored this situation. Eventually I said her closed girlfriend that I liked her and I wanted to date her. In that case she transferred my dating-offer to her but she had refused me. Her closed girlfriend said me that she didn't want to date with anyone and she didn't deal with relationships recently. Then her friend added, she didn't want to know his name. Moreover, somebody liked her before me but she also refused him like me. Shortly she is far and disinterested about guys and relationships. Consequently she said no to him. I feel disappointed and frustrated... By the way she is explicit beautiful and super cute. She has nice appearance, small nose, brown and big eyes and also small honey lips like strawberry... ut I lost her for now... I am very sad and desperate. What should I do? Give me advice urgently... :(((


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  • Well you need to figure out it isn't going to happen with this girl and find another one. And stop being so wishy-washy about it. Don't talk to her friends to tell her you like her, go talk to the girl directly.


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