Is feeling insecure in a new relationship normal?

If I'm constantly feeling insecure in my new relationship, do I give it time and work on myself and my confidence and see where it goes or let it go because my needs aren't being met? I know I can't change the guy. I really do care about him and have a wonderful time when we are together. It's a new relationship and I am doing my best to not come across as needy and drama. On the other hand, the lack of communication is causing me angst and feels like torture.


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  • In any New Or Old relationship, the lines of communication are one of the most important things in order to nurture this into something lasting and special. Without it, you may as well sit and -----talk to your hand, to sort of speak.
    If you are incessantly feeling "insecure," sweetie, and also finding because of That, that you are also feeling clingy, along with all the Drama Queen drums, then it is time to take a long hard look at this "new relationship." Things are supposed to be getting more romantic, not "torturous." I see a big problem that needs to be nipped in the bud, or grow dead in the ground.
    Maybe it isn't You that "needs time to work on herself." Maybe he needs a bit of grooming himself. If you want this to go further than the weeds in the dirt, you both are going to have to sit down and really open up to one another. And if you feel it is going nowhere, and he's Not "changing," nor blooming into what your expectations may be, then perhaps it is time to plant your roots elsewhere.
    Although you say you "have a wonderful time" when together, is telling me you both most likely share a few laughs, some fun in the sun sort of thing, but apparently something is Not what it should be on the surface, and you want more than you are getting.
    No, you can't really change any guy. But sometimes if you sow your seeds in a different row, you dangle a carrot over his nose, and sometimes, depending how much he wants to bite, will nibble a little better for your own taste. xx


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  • That is not normal.


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  • It's not really normal. Usually, when you begin a new relationship, everything seems perfect.