Is it best to ease into asking someone out, or to be more straightforward?

I have been dating this girl for a month, and we have begun building good chemistry, however I really struggle with texting girls because I am not good at conveying conversation via text. So I'm wondering if it's best to text a girl with (small-talk) conversation and in the middle ask her out for a date, or if it's best to just be straightforward and ask her out in the first text of the conversation?


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  • I've found that it's best to be straightforward and not openly act like it's a big deal even though deep down, it feels like a HUGE deal. Confidence, a genuine smile, and an easy going attitude are miracle workers for situations like that! Sometimes, you just have to push all of those butterflies away and put on a brave face no matter what you are feeling! Casually bring it up like it's not some huge deal. Say something like "Dinner on Brown Street. Join me?" or if you really want to be charming, pay attention to the convo in advance, find a day where she's free and say something like "Be up at 10 a. m., we have an adventure" <---- that's better if you guys have already been on a couple of awesome dates and established a romantic connection

    Hanging out face to face will probably work more in your favor so that they don't get the wrong impression of your personality when you guys text


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  • Wait…so you're already dating? In that case, it doesn't really matter how you ask her out…whether it's out of the blue, in the middle of a conversation, whatever. Just be natural.

    • well we are already dating, but she turned me down for the most recent time I asked her out, so now I'm kind of over thinking it I guess

    • Why did she turn you down?

    • Said she was busy

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