Girl I don't know called bf's cell at 3am repeatedly?

My boyfriend's a pretty popular guy. He has a lot of friends, both male and female. They go to the islands on boats on the weekend, play golf, fish, etc. Sometimes I join him, but usually it's just him and his friends because I work a lot. I have a full time office job 20 miles from home 8-4 M-F, as well as a part-time work at home job 20 hours a week. He works too but he's a salesman with a company truck, so he basically makes his own hours at his convenience and has more time to play.

He's 35 I'm 29.


He played golf in a town, let's just call it Davenport, on Saturday. He drank all day at the course, and his friend drove him to a local bar to meet me around 8:30-9:00pm. I met him and we had a drink and I drove us home.

We went to sleep around 1.

Around 2:45 his phone started ringing and it bothered me. I got up and hit "ignore" to silence it. It was a chick's name on the caller ID. She called right back 2 minutes later. I silenced the phone. She called back, it vibrating, still bugging me. I was half asleep. I answered to see if it was an emergency. She hung up. She called again, I answered again. She hung up. She called again and I grabbed my phone and texted her and asked if everything was ok. She said "who is this" and I said "this is d's girlfriend. his phone keeps ringing and it's keeping me up. i can wake him if it's an emergency. he's dead asleep." she said "no don't it's okay sorry to wake you."
I said "and i'm sorry to text u from an unk number"
she said "it's ok. i hope your happy."

What does that mean?

I said I hoped I hadn't offended her and she said I didn't, and i said "have you been friends long" and she said "about 6 years, but i moved out of state since then."

We've dated over 2 years. He has this friend that's comfortable calling him 5 times in a row at 3 am but I've never heard of her?


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  • She probably dated him in the past and moved out of town. She missed her opportunity and she didn't know he was with you. They had probably been talking and might have hung out or something and he forgot to mention he was with you... Ask him.

    But yeah. What does it mean? It means she wants him.

  • Well, she's obviously not that good of friends with him if she doesn't know he's with you. Have you talked to him about it? Because you definitely should.

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