Guys what makes you want exclusivity with a girl? Making her your girlfriend?

How can she be a tease or hard to get with other guys accept you? How exactly should you expect a girl (who is girlfriend material) to act when your first getting to know her? Without her coming off as easy yet making it clear she's interested in you.


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  • This is a really good question and honestly, I popped in to be nosey lol Since I don't have a peen, I'll just answer in reverse : )

    1.) I don't want a tease unless he's going to tease and then please : )
    - playing hard to get is annoying. That's one case where I think 'games are for children and I'm a grown ass woman.' lol You either want me or you don't. No, I don't want you to be so easy that I can't rest assured I got you because you truly value what we have, but simply because you're desperate. But I also don't want some guy who's playing cat and mouse... do I look like a cat? : /

    How I want him to act when getting to know him
    It's simple really: I just want him to display favorable qualities that would make me one of the happiest girls alive.


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  • I hate games. If she plays "hard to get" I am going to assume she doesn't want to be caught and she is just doing it to make me look foolish. Be up front and let him know what you feel. her making the first move is always better.

    • Yeah playing hard to get isn't cool. As u get older u realize that men don't like those games

  • For me it's making her my girlfriend. It's also kinda just being in love even if were not dating, but I do think it's good to ask the other person in the relationship their thoughts on where the two of you are standing it relieves a lot of anxiety.

    • I meant to click that I like the comment smdh it accidentally made me not like it smdh 😞😞

  • Original Question: General compatibility with faith in relationship longevity.

    1. I don't know why a girl would want to be a tease or hard to get with everyone but me. Or rather why I would want that.

    2. I except common decency but nothing especially surprising. A boring standard. She does not need to be sexual to keep my interest so no need to worry about coming off as easy; I would rather the interest be shown through genuine engagement, which is the norm for people, so that's pretty obvious.


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