Why are people suggesting I find a girl overseas?

This has been brought up to me a couple of different times. Like this one older woman suggested I find a girl overseas a while back. This other guy I was talking to also basically expressed his distaste for American girls and also suggested finding an overseas woman. Has anyone else ever heard of such an idea? To me it just sounds kinda out there but apparently there's such a bad stigma on American women that some really try this idea.


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  • Why are people suggesting I find a girl overseas?
    Possibly because they think you'd be more desirable to gals overseas thus making it easier for you to get a gal.

    Has anyone else ever heard of such an idea?
    Yes I generally hear it from spoiled, lazy, entitled, narcissistic egoistical self-proclaimed nice guys who ironically whine that American gals possess the traits he does because the hot young gals don't want him and won't overlook his looks and such for his personality and be ever so happy to be his basically cooking cleaning sex on demand adoring fan. I sometimes hear it from old guys that in my opinion severely lack social skills and have also in my opinion skewed requirements of a much younger and more attractive gal.

    "To me it just sounds kinda out there but apparently there's such a bad stigma on American women that some really try this idea."
    Understandable in my opinion considering American culture to me is quite full of materialism and consumerism that seems to cross over into dating/romance replacing and upgrading partners for the bigger better deal. As well as Americans tend to be overweight/obese so physical looks to me is also lacking. Then comes in what I find to be quite high standards for gals to be 'feminine' aka a submissive subservient catering to male ego. I would find it hard to imagine there isn't a bad stigma against American gals considering I find it a common norm to use a derogatory insult like b*tch interchangeably for the general female population.

    Likely this stigma is part culture and part gender as I find foreign guys way way way more appealing especially in regards to looks then what seems to be the seemingly typical bitter resentful misogynistic American male who for some reason expects me to fawn over him while he tells me how much my gender sucks... o. O


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  • It's not so odd, as I have been the same way in my " American Amour" department----I have refused to Date American men since being on Facebook for four years.
    I started getting many foreign men from all over the world Find me, and befriend me There, and suddenly Indian and Muslim were all I really cared for. It was then that an Egyptian Muslim man had found me on Facebook and fell in love with me, and had asked me to fly over and stay with him and his family. So I did. It went so well that three months after that, I went back over, where we had tied the knot in Cairo, Egypt. Everything after this is a long story, and although I am currently separated from him, I DO enjoy dating Indian and Muslim men. Just a preference.
    It would all depend on You, and how you might feel about dating someone "outside your league." It's not for everyone, but I can tell you this much: Foreign women tend to make better wives, and are more loyal and trustworthy than many American girls. xx

  • I've heard the hate towards American women thrown around a couple of times here (on GAG)..

    And depending on what kind of guy you are, and what kind of girl you're looking for, maybe trying to find a girl with more traditional values would suit you. Now I can't speak for America cause I don't live there and don't know anything about it, but lots of old German men who are fed up with the whole feminism and gender equality thing fly off to Asia and they found the women there to be more to their liking. Because they (many, not all) still believe in the old traditional role models of man and woman, where she practically babies him and he doesn't need to do any housework at all. And that they don't demand much from them.

    • So they look for women who are outright submissive you think? Plus wouldn't the woman just see the guy as a ticket outta the country?

    • So they look for women who are outright submissive you think?
      - guess so... again, these are men who were probably fed up with the "modern woman" stereotypes..

      Plus wouldn't the woman just see the guy as a ticket outta the country?
      - maybe. but even if they don't, marrying these men would already give them a better life and social standing in their own countries. So even if they stay in their own countries, their lives would still be better, because the guy usually brings money with him.

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  • American women generally do simply suck. They're spoiled, lazy and think they're entitled to everything, just look at a lot of the American women on here.

    There are of course exceptions, but a good American girl is a rarity these days and they're getting rarer.

  • She will culturalize to the country she is brought to, if you want to marry foreign woman it's best if you move to their country. If you don't she will become just like every other typical western woman.

    That being said, these kinds of relationships actually have an 85% success rate, compared to the normal average of 50%.

  • Because the bar of overseas women is higher. HOWEVER, keep in mind that European ladies (my only experience is with Euro and Australian women) might be considered a cut above the average American girl, but they don't just accept getting picked up by any joker. If you're shitty just like American girls and expect that a foreign woman will snatch you right up, then you're going to be very disappointed and think that people were lying to you.

    A couple of pointers:

    -Don't treat them like some exotic prize or anything. They aren't stupid and can tell when you're chasing after them BECAUSE they're foreign from you. It's flattering, but that's about it.

    -If you're a shitty person like I mentioned, then going overseas isn't going to help you any. YOU need to help you, and then maybe you can find a local girl who is worth a damn anyway without leaving your city or country.

    -Travel overseas to experience another country, another culture, to experience interesting history, to partake in foreign (to you) customs... don't travel just to find a woman. This relates back to my first point.

    -Don't get your personal experiences too wrapped up in your actual view of reality. If you've only found bad apples, don't think that ALL American women are like this. I can assure you, they are not. They aren't all like this... however if women of the world were marbles, I'd likely pull out a better handful from the " Europe " bag than I would from the "US" bag. But even considering this, don't discount all Americans if you've only found bad ones. That's your fault- diversify yourself.

    -Would you consider yourself part of the problem as well? Are you out of shape, over/under weight, dress poorly, smell bad, bad grooming habits, can't socialize well, or anything else like this? If so, then no woman except for the classiest of trailer parks is going to want you. It's not 1952 anymore, and women are free to express that they have standards these days.

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