Get over a crush at work? Thanks?

There's this girl I really like at work? How can I forget about her and move on? Thanks


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  • Apparently, something went wrong "on the job" with someone you liked and Still have to join the work forces with every day. That is a tough one, and I can well imagine, most uncomfortable for you having to see her, finding you can't "whistle as you work."
    Try to focus strictly on what you're doing every day. Ignore her at all costs if you Can. If you both are not on a speaking basis right now, then only speak when you have to, and that goes being in the same room as well. Just go about your "business as usual."
    After hours, might I suggest getting back out there in the social circle and finding someone else to focus on. Makes it easier for you to handle this when you go back to work, and a happier environment at the water cooler every day.
    Good luck. xx

    • I only see her in the break room. We work in a totally different department

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    • Regardless of what ever, her behavior is uncalled for.. xx

    • It is what it is

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  • Why do you want to get over her if you like her. Why not just ask her out? And I knw you said at work but is it someone you directly work with or is it someone you see at work?

    • It's someone I see at work. . I don't think she likes me and I've asked women out online but never in person

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    • Try saying hi again, Im a shy person too so I knw its hard. But try and see how it goes. Do you see her all the time or certain days of the week If you like her go for it don't let your shyness stop u.

    • I see her every day.. she doesn't like me

  • I've had that problem... but he was flirty and confusing in return.. broke my heart in the long run. can't tell you how to move on, you just need to do it..

    • It's really tough to talk to girls especially if you're attracted to them

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