Need help, talking/texting with girls?

I have joined online dating websites, in hopes to find a relationship, several women have sent likes and initiated conversations. Then through conversation, it seems like they lose interest. I make sure im polite, and encouraging, and caring about what they have to say, but it never goes anywhere. I've had girlfriends before, but I just dont understand what the hell im doing wronf, I have a full time job with benefits, ima a volunteer fire lieutenant, I've never been the one looking for just a hook up. I want a real relationship. I miss being a boyfriend, someone that somebody else depended on. I miss being in love. I know this isn't a typical guy problem but I need serious help to identify where im going wrong, please somebody help, definetly looking for girls opinions especially, be honest.


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  • Are you taking too long before you ask them out?

    • Definetly not that, I mean two days of texting I bring up "Hey if you have some time this week end, I would love to meet you and grab a drink sometime" then the convo turns later on, with dead end awnsers that make it hard to keep the convo going.

    • What about ending it there, and just contacting to confirm the date?

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  • honestly, it just sounds like bad luck. bad luck with women i guess :P


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  • Online dating is a total crap shoot for men. Online even the nastiest hambeast's of womankind, for some ungodly reason, think they are Aphrodite's gift to men. You are much much better off just meeting women in person.

  • Who needs a woman? Men used to go up in the mountains to hunt for months at a time, and then be satisfied with coming back to town, getting drunk, and going to the brothel to fuck a whore. Needing a partner is a woman's issue, not a mans.

    • Because im not a caveman. I would like to have a family some day. I mean if thats what your about cool. But thats not me, and im still a man.

    • Starting a family isn't like going to the store and buying something. It comes, or it doesn't. You have no control over whether you meet a woman who wants to start a family with you. It happens, or it doesn't. In the mean time, worry about something else.