Will our relationship work with out personalities?

So we've been talking 2 months. He introduced me to his best friend so now we have a mutual friend. This friend lets me in on a lot going on between him and I. He tells me things like he wants to text me but doesn't want to bother me. And I expressed I feel the same way. We text every day and clearly both like each other. Does anyone see a problem with both of us being shy about expressing our feelings? Or is this okay with a new relationship? Right now were just talking but I know we both want more.


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  • I think its okay to be shy in the beginning, but someone needs to step up and be bold, or else you guys are going no where. Secondly, I'm on the fence whether its cool or not for his friend to be sharing all of that info. I just think its kind of inappropriate.


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  • Someone is going to have to man up here (pardon the expression) and just go for it. If you want a relationship with this guy then you need to prepare for the possibility that it might have to be you. Otherwise you two are just spinning your wheels.


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