Dating someone with the same name as an ex. Weird? Not weird?

I was just thinking about this earlier and figured I'd ask.

Let's pretend you were in a very serious, long term relationship with someone and that relationship failed.

Fast forward into the future, and you meet a new person that you're totally interested in, and it just so happens that they have the exact same name as your ex.

Would that bother you or weird you out?


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  • That would definitely freak me out for sure.


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  • I'm late to the party, but I dated two guys named Rob when I was in igh school. First one was for 7 months and after we broke up, the other one was for 8 months. It wasn't weird at all. No chance of mixing up names. Bahahah.

  • No, my brother dated 3 women in a row with the same name. I dont think its weird at all.

    • Three in a row? Wow. Guessing it was a common name!

    • It was Amanda. So Im guessing its pretty common. Either that or he just like girls whose name was Amanda. I don't know

What Guys Said 1

  • Naw it's not weird just coincidence. At least to me it makes things easier lol. But all seriousness I don't think it's weird, it's just a name.