How do I start talking to the guy I like?

A (female) friend of mine met this guy in one of her college classes (we all 3 attend the same one) and they exchanged numbers. He essentially made the ''move'' by initializing conversation and exchanging numbers.

She wants us to become friends but mostly to help me out (i told her i was on the lookout for a guy friends on campus). She's supposed to give him my number in a 'subtle way', by text.

I was just wondering if this way of going about with things is a little weird? If not or even if so, what should I do to start talking to him? Should we hang out us 3, or just us 2 or what?

* Also i'd like to add that we already follow each other on Instagram and he's liked a couple of my pictures



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  • Personally I think it would be best to exchange numbers in person. For instance have all three of you study and strike up conversation, that way it isn't so awkward for either if you. Plus since your in person you can gauge his interest in you.


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  • Hang out if you can! Do the little "I don't understand this, can you explain it?" thing. Since your only common denominator is your friend and your class (so far), ask him and your friend if they want to study. And if your friend wants to be super cool, she'll sneak out once you two are comfortable and maybe get to know eachother better. Best of luck!


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  • Well if you already have him on instagram, once you see him in person you could make a comment about a certain picture of his, or yours that he liked. And see how he reacts, then I'm sure you will be able to feel if you can keep talking to him about other stuff. If he follows the conversation then try to talk to him everyday and you will get more close with time. Then you'll know if you can flirt a little with him.

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